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EmberJS is our default front-end framework



Binboro wants to announce that our team has started to use EmberJS as default framework for front end. All our applications will be based on it.

As development company we pick frameworks very seriously. We can’t switch them often and need to build regular workflow all over the team. So we spend time to pick the best according to our needs.

Key application, which will be based on EmberJS:

Obviously we don’t use EmberJS for developing classic sites because of SEO issue. Of course, it is possible to build SEO friendly site on Ember and we have some quite decent projects based on AngularJS and php backend (http://wholesales.com.ua), but it requires much more work. Still there is great functionality «Fast load» for Ember, which allows to render first page on server side what is very great function which allows us to use EmberJS for regular sites.

EmberJS fits our requirements:

Reasons to use js frameworks

There are developers who tell and even write articles about bad points of js framework. They will have very strong arguments about productivity issues and in some fundamental ideas about javascript and html overall.

We like front end frameworks and we have something to argue.

Main argument against javascript frameworks is performance. Most frameworks are really slow versus pure javascript. It is impossible to see difference in real life, because front end applications are not designed to compute large data, otherwise it is just bad coding.

All we need from javascript is to render pre-computed data and performance of most javascript frameworks is much more than required.

Javascript frameworks written by programmers and sometimes it can be bad products, so you need to choose the tool cleverly.

We like frameworks

Our target is to use EmberJS API based on php framework Phalcon and NodeJS.

You may read our post about phalcon.

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