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Phalcon is great back-end framework



Server side code must be very powerfull to handle large amounts of data and visitors. Of course, php is not the fastest language, but sure have the best value on market.

Pure php is fast enough not to complain, especially with php7 announce.

PHP frameworks are huge libraries for developers; they automate a lot of routines and enforce developers to code under framework’s standards.

Nowadays to write backend code without framework is long and expensive process. Sometimes it’s better to write custom code without any 3rd side frameworks, but it is only for very serious and unique solutions.

Performance issues with classic frameworks

PHP frameworks written on php have a lot of files. To launch application it requires launching most of framework’s files and it is hard for server.

Some routine killers like Yii’s active records are impossible to use, as they are performance killers.

Phalcon Chart

Phalcon is great:

Performance comparison
Let’s use Phalcon

We use phalcon each time we can. It has few limitations. Minimum requirement is VPS with 1gb of RAM. For most of customers it is not a problem to rent 1gb VPS.

For solutions with small budget we use Yii2.

If you wonder about NodeJS usage instead — it is a great idea and we are doing it each time we can.

Our target is to use EmberJS with APIs based on php framework Phalcon and NodeJS.

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